Request for WBOA ARB Review Form:

Please use this form to request a WBOA Review as well as provide information for invoicing for the associated review fees. The applications for ARB Reviews should come from the property owner or their property management company. The actual submittal documentation can be sent to the WBOA Office or in PDF format, emailed to the WBOA. For large files please contact the WBOA for a project upload folder link.
This is the Westfields parcel number found on the parcel map located under on the website at:


Please select from the option below to to choose the type of review you are seeking.
Please choose the purpose for this review.


Please fill out appropriate information for where the WBOA should bill for these services. An invoice will be sent within 3 business days and the applicant may pay by check or via credit card.
Company Name and Address that will show on the WBOA Invoice
Telephone number WBOA may contact for questions regarding the invoice or payment.
Email address the WBOA invoice will be sent.


By submitting this form you agree and approve that the WBOA may start the process of an ARB review and acknowledge that an invoice will be generated and sent to the applicant for this review. Furthermore you understand that until the payment is received and the WBOA/ARB is in receipt of all of the required documents and information requested by the ARB Fact Sheet or instructed by the WBOA and or ARB the review will not begin. All documents and payments must be received by the WBOA/ARB prior to the review.

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