Credit Card Charges Disclosure

The Westfields Business Owners Association (WBOA) offers the option to pay Architectural Review Board (ARB) fees and other non-assessment fees using a credit card or debit card as a convenience for owner, tenants, and residents of Westfields Center. We are, however, required to pass along the service fees imposed by the credit card companies to the card holder. Retail merchants typically absorb this cost, but the WBOA as an Association must request that payment of these fees (also referred to as convenience fees or merchant fees) be paid by the card holder, not by the WBOA.  Please note: Assessments may only be paid via ACH or Manual Check.

In order to offer this convenience and comply with credit/debit company by-laws and the required rules and regulations, The WBOA uses a third-party processor to handle credit/debit card payments processed online. This third-party processor is Vantage Card Services "Paytrace" through the platform that the WBOA uses for its invoice payments.  Note other electronic means of payments are available such as ACH and paying with a paper check. Timely payment of invoices are critical and assessment invoices are subject to late fees in accordance with the WBOA covenants.

 SERVICE FEES ARE AS FOLLOWS:  For Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit card payments and MasterCard and Visa debit card payments – 2.90% on the total amount paid.

The WBOA retains all rights to pursue monies owed to the WBOA.  Providing false credit card data or other inaccurate payment information may lead to legal action and prosecution under the law.