Utility Work in Westfields -Notice

Thank you for working with the owners and tenants of Westfields Center.  We spend a lot of money and time keeping Westfields looking great and we would appreciate you all helping us keep it that way.  We understand you have a job to do as do we we in maintaining the park.  A few things can help us both:

1.  Please know when and where you are digging.  There is the VDOT right of way and multiple  easements including WBOA Shared Utility Easement, and WBOA Landscape Easements.  Regardless of where you dig you must restore back to original or better condition.

2. There are irrigation and water lines a foot in from the curb and other areas of the common ground.  Please hand dig and locate these.

3. If you break or damage an irrigation line, please notify the WBOA office immediately.  The WBOA contractor must fix this damage at the contractors expense.

4. Please do not park your service trucks or equipment on the common grounds.  You are breaking utility boxes and irrigation heads as you do.  You will be asked to reimburse the WBOA for these repairs.

5. Do not open cut the roads in Westfields please.   For test pits please hot patch and seal these areas.

6. Please do not use Rye grass for turf renovation.  Please finish grade and remove large objects and rocks and seed with Tall Fescue and seed mat only.  (No straw please)

7. If there is utility work outside of the roads and common areas and will be constructed on WBOA Property Owners Land (Parcel) you must first seek WBOA ARB Review and Approval prior to the start of any work.

Quick Reference Items:

WBOA Turf Renovation Guidelines


WBOA's Landscape and Irrigation Management Company Contacts

Brightview Landscape Management

Mr. Shawn Mahoney -Account Manager

     Cell: 703-209-2314

Mr. Charles Cathcart -Branch Manager

     Office: 703-803-4400