Happy Thanksgiving!

It is certainly time to stop say just how thankful we are after more than a year and half of dealing with this pandemic. I am truly thankful for you as property owners, property managers, tenants, employees, and residents as you have put your trust in the WBOA to continue to manage and grow our community.  Each one of you make Westfields their home as a place to live, work, stay and play.  What makes Westfields special are the people, and we are so fortunate to have you in our community!

We are thankful for:

  • Our work families, our own families and friends,
  • Our wonderful and dedicated Westfields Board of Directors,
  • Our vendors and their employees that help keep Westfields looking great and moving forward,
  • Our volunteer Architectural Review Board (ARB)
  • Our Community Engagement Committee (CEC) members who volunteer their time and efforts to help support Westfields programs and events,  (We need your help!  Please volunteer to help in your community)
  • our Armed Forces and essential and local, state, and federal government personnel, 
  • our police and firefighters and first responders,
  • our teachers, educators and daycare providers trying their best to teach and care for our children during difficult times,
  • our front-line health workers who have done so much and continue to offer their help during these trying times
  • our community charitable organizations and our Churches, Synagogues and Mosque for their efforts to help both their communities and surrounding neighborhoods.  
  • Supervisor Smith and her positive leadership here in the Sully District and the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.
  • This great country we have the privilege to live in.   

I truly wish you, your families, employees, and staff a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!     

Bill Keech, Jr.
Westfields Business Owners Association (WBOA)