Join Westfields Center’s Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool, Westfields Business Owners Association (WBOA) and The Dulles Area Transportation Association (DATA) are on a mission to help reduce traffic and improve commutes.  Stating on February 3rd, we’re reimbursing Westfields Center drivers for every workday they drive.  

  • The perks don’t stop there – we’re offering carpool riders discounted rides from February 3rd – April 3rd.  Commute up to 20 Miles?  Pay a maximum of $3 per ride.  
  • Commute more than 20 miles? Pay a maximum of $5 per ride. 

In order to be eligible for the subsidy, you must join the Westfields Center Carpoolers group by clicking here OR visiting

Waze Carpool matches drivers and riders with similar commutes to create a more enjoyable, inexpensive, faster way to get to work.  You choose who’s in your car and what days you carpool.  Want to carpool just once a week?  Or drive on Mondays, but ride on Tuesdays?  It’s up to you!

Save on gas, save on stress, save the planet and connect with your coworkers.  What more could you possibly want out of a commute?  Well, how about…

Just a few simple steps and you’ll be on your way:

STEP 1:  Download the Waze App to drive, or the Waze Carpool app to ride.

STEP 2:  Open either app to set up your profile.  If you’re using the Waze app, just tap the icon in the lower right -hand corner – yes, the stick figure with his hand raised.  He’s truly an icon.

STEP 3:  Make sure to add your work email address to your profile – that’s how you’ll match with a co-worker!

STEP 4:  Click to join the Westfields Center Carpool Group OR visit

STEP 5: Check out the best matches on your route and start offering and requesting rides!

TIP:  Go ahead and send multiple offers.  If you don’t see an ideal match, no sweat.  Check back in a day or two once more of your team has signed up!

Want to learn more?
The Waze Support Center is your trusty navigator for any Waze Carpool-related questions, so fire away.

   Check out our video walkthroughs to learn more about using the app, getting set up and finding the perfect carpool match.

Happy Carpooling!


WBOA_Waze Press Release Feb 2020